Point Reality
Architectural Association

Lewis Baltz’s camera faces the world directly. It steps from art into reality, from modernity into its demise. Today, a new type of image has emerged: shot with a virtual camera that constructs rather than represents, which shoots at a new world that competes with reality. 

This course will use game engine technologies, open source workflows and camera mapping techniques to reflect back on Baltz’s photographic works while exploring their reconstruction and reshooting with a camera that now points at a new world.


Term 1

Yekyung Jang
Zhuyuan Liu
Lai-lung Kuo
Ying Jiang
Malay Kamlesh Sagpariya
Heeyun Chang
Yanling He
Hantao Li

Term 2

Yingying Zhu
Kwan Ip Chau
Chengxuan Li
Yiqi Wang
Jiaxu Wu
Yolande Wang
Pei Yao Yu
Zekun Qin
Boji Hu