Image:  Parallel I, 2012, Harun Farocki

More Serious Games

Serious Games I-IV (2009- 2010) and Parallel I-IV (2012- 2014) are the last works filmmaker and writer Harun Farocki produced before his passing, five years ago. Since the 60s, Farocki had used his inimitably present and critical lens, that found its form in the “essay film”, to record transformations in the production and circulation of images, and the consequences of these transformations, on culture and society. 

His last works were concerned with digital representations and video games. As a group, will pick up from where Farocki left off, investigate what happened in the meantime, and attempt to survey the present moment, and revisit the essay film today, when notions of gamification are invading everyday life.

During a dynamic programme of screenings and live readings, discussions and reviews, we will ask what to do with images, if images are already phantoms, and how to play a serious game, without being played, in turn.