Image by Elliott Watt

Digital Dioramas
Architectural Association

From Greek, the word “diorama” literally means “through that which is seen.” In the 19 th century, the diorama was a three-dimensional model that aimed to replicate a scene or moment in time.

This course would like to consider the diorama today, as the construction of a virtual world: moving beyond the traditional definition, to freeze a moment in real-time, in a space with other physics than reality.

Using gaming technologies and software, now shared by film-makers and game designers, the course will guide students through emerging ways of representation, between technical and conceptual considerations.


Jihyun Choi
Adelina Garifyanova
Xiaoya He
Yue Li
Raluca Scheusan
Elliot Watt
Hidetoshi Tominaga
Conrad Tse
Yara Mortada
Maria Alejandra Bigott Picasso
Greta Tekla Gedeon
Maria Setia Muliati Putri
Xinyi Zhang
Janghee Lee
Aya Meskawi