Architectural Association

Bubblebust! is a game set in a forest that is inhabited by one protagonist. The character runs around with no apparent goal, supposedly away from or towards the edge of a bubble that might or might never pop. As it runs, it wonders about what the World in 2018 really is, what it means to be human and other such existential questions. It cannot stop itself from feeling a bit sad, but then again it concludes that it is all quite funny, in the end:

Teaching Collaborators: David Lam and Sophie Lanigan


Cemre Demirci
Lynn-Sacha Hanna
Apeksha Jain
Xinjie Jiang
Serranur Kayikci
Melody Lee
Larissa Reismann
Benedikt Seifert
Rita Wang
Celine Xu
Jun Zhou

Many thanks to our friends Chong Yan Chuah, Josh Harskamp, Moad Musbahi, Zsuzsa Peter and Nathan Su.