Cream Projects is a hybrid practice, working across architecture, media and the visual arts. Our work has myriad forms of engagement, including artistic, educational and curatorial pursuits.

The core of our practice explores computer generated mechanics and imagery, in the larger context of photographic and filmic histories. We examine these both as tools for the production of work across the film, fashion and music industries, as well as subjects of contemporary critique.

Our teaching at the Architectural Association (AA) and our self-led moving image artworks seek to expand and contour how we see the ever-evolving world around us.


Ana Nicolaescu
Sebastian Tiew
Ela Man
Hantao Li
Seungju Lee


Akinola Davies Jr.
Alessandro Magliani
Architectural Association
Ana Meisel
Ben Hutchings
Chong Yan Chuah
Cristina Comsa
Ioana Man
Kye-sung Lee
Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Lev Caine
LG Studio
Mads Bjorn Christiansen
Manijeh Verghese
M.J Harding
Nabla Yahya
Omar Kholeif
Paul Dunca
Finnegan Travers
Sammy Lee
Shumon Basar
Studio Augmenta
Tamas Pall
Thomas Lawanson
Tom Parks


Marsha by Vocal Type
Berthe by Abyme

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