In 20/20
Symposium and Exhibition
Architectural Association

In 20/20 explores the universe of image production, the vision systems that distribute it and the underlying frameworks by which it shapes the present moment. As the future becomes an immediate present, In 20/20 reconsiders images as entry points to a wider understanding of a centrally programmed present, in a society of image producers, receivers and collectors.

In 20/20 begins with an exhibition in the AA Gallery curated by Moad Musbahi, opening on the 23rd of January. In Pursuit of Images brings three works by Harun Farocki in dialogue with other artists moving image work, as a way to make visible the classification systems underlying programmed representational regimes.

In 20/20 continues with a series of talks, workshops, reading groups and a symposium at the AA Lecture Hall, on the 14th of February. Through different mediums and methods, the day collides a multitude of views on the ways in which the production, distribution and consumption of images can be rendered visible in a landscape of increasing invisibility.

Directed by Ana Maria Nicolaescu with Moad Musbahi